Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Everything Is Lossome

I need to get back to doing some Kickstarter prep work after the Olympics... well, it ate up some time on me, which I in a sense don't mind THAT much, because I always seem to get some pretty decent writing done for it, but now it's gotta be back to regular business. So I'm giving myself some time and making today a quickie.

So... I'm going to give you 15 minutes. With Oscar season coming up fast, I'm going to give you the task of picking a movie recognized by the Academy in each year from the inaugural 1928 ceremony up to 2010, when this particular person made the quiz.

The catch: 'recognized' does not mean 'won Best Picture'. For each year, you have to name one of the Best Picture losers. The movie that actually won will not count.

Not that it likely makes a difference these days as to whether you've watched it or not, because this Oscar season you've probably just watched Frozen and the Lego Movie. (For those of you that have only watched the Lego Movie... please recite the lyrics to the song Everything Is Awesome.)

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