Monday, February 10, 2014


I'd like to spend some quality time getting through a replay feed of short-track speedskating, and doing some prep of the post-Games wrapup I've done previously in Vancouver and London, a recap I call the Denouement. (You will note in the London Denouement that I said Sochi will definitely be ready. I once again remind you to never listen to me when I predict things. Ever.) So I'll leave a short post to give me some time to do that.

Off to Sporcle, then. Going into Sochi, there have been 43 countries, past and present, that have won a winter Olympic medal. They are hidden within a list of 80 countries. Your task: pick out the medalists within 6 minutes. (My score: 39.)

You might also notice that each Olympiad has a logo. 20 of them from past Olympics are presented here; your job is to say what edition of the Olympics had each logo. This one's a sprint; you've only got four minutes. (My score: 16.)

And finally, much is made of who wins the medal count in each Olympics. Even though the IOC doesn't officially keep medal counts; they want people to just show up and play, not encourage the kind of behavior that would make a nation go all-out to get their ranking up. (Ah, IOC. How amazingly naive you are.) Not nearly as much is made of who wins regionally. That said, I have here the task of naming the nations that won the medal count on their continent in each Olympics, Summer and Winter. (As South America and Africa have no winter medals, they are omitted for that half of the quiz.) There are 42 such nations total; I finished with 53 seconds of the six allotted minutes left on the clock.

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