Sunday, February 16, 2014

OLYMPICS, DAY 9: The Opening Ceremony Repository

In Vancouver and then again in London, I compiled a list of videos of the moment the Olympic Cauldron was ignited and how it was done. Today I'd like to do similar for the Opening Ceremony overall.

Because yes, those videos do exist. The funny thing is, though, I expected to have to brute-force my way through compiling a list of videos off YouTube. But I don't have to, because someone has already done it for me. A guy named Bryan Pinkall has created a site called the Olympics Ceremony Database, in which he has done the work of gathering up all the video he can of every single Summer Olympics ceremony and, well, most of the Winter Olympics (he's missing some winters) and hosting it himself. Some of the ceremonies are not complete, but he's included as much as he can get. I'm not going to step on his hard work. I'll simply send you over to him.

What I will do, though, is go find some other opening ceremonies so that I have something to contribute to the effort. I'll only include complete videos, or at least, Part 1 of video series that collectively provide a complete ceremony and which I can see you're easily able to get to the other parts.

Obviously, I am not expecting you to even come close to watching everything here. That would take days. Without sleep.

Asian Games, Beijing 1990
Commonwealth Games, Kuala Lumpur 1998
Asian Games, Bangkok 1998
Pan-American Games, Winnipeg 1999
Commonwealth Games, Manchester 2002
SAF Games, Islamabad 2003
World Games, Duisburg 2005
Commonwealth Games, Melbourne 2006
Asian Games, Doha 2006
Paralympics, Beijing 2008
World Games, Kaoshiung 2009 
Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010
Youth Olympics, Singapore 2010
Asian Winter Games, Astana 2011
Pan-American Games, Guadalajara 2011
Summer Universiade, Shenzhen 2011
Winter Youth Olympics, Innsbruck 2012
Paralympics, London 2012
Summer Universiade, Kazan 2013
Maccabiah Games, Jerusalem 2013
Southeast Asian Games, Nay Pyi Taw 2013

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