Monday, April 14, 2014

Again? Really? We're Doing This Again?

Yes. Yes, we're doing this again. The first two times we've covered this are evidently not enough. You had to know that the Mayan calendar was not going to be the end of the end-of-the-world predictions, but given that we have a blood moon on the horizon- that is just a fancy word for a total lunar eclipse, which will be visible tonight, weather permitting (and here it is not permitting)- that is apparently the signal to drag someone out of the woodwork to predict the End Times. Especially since tonight's eclipse will be the first of a relatively rapid string of four, each occurring at about a six-month interval.

Tonight's Rapture Whack-A-Mole contestant is John Hagee, pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio. This is his second end-of-the-world prediction, which is popularly known as 'one more than you ought to need if you actually have any idea what you're talking about'. Hagee was one of those touting the Mayan-doomsday prediction, and with the world having selfishly refused to explode into a million tiny bits, Hagee is using the eclipses as his rationale to try again. He predicts a window between now and October of next year.

Hagee put a book out in October about this, I should note. I refuse to link to it. Or mention the name of the book. Maybe its sales suck. Also, Cornerstone is a megachurch. That also seems relevant somehow.

In any case, go outside and look at the pretty moon and ignore the whackadoodle making hay of it.

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