Saturday, April 26, 2014

Watch Me

The Internet is constantly adding content, at a far faster rate than it can ever hope to be consumed by the masses. But you would imagine that, eventually, everything will get stumbled upon by someone or other. One person. My pageviews are awful, but at least I manage to get a handful of them.

Some content, however, is not so lucky. The occasional YouTube video, for instance, strikes out and doesn't get a single viewer.

You can help that change. I present to you PetitTube. It's a site that randomly pulls YouTube videos for you to watch, one right after the other, with the stipulation that every video given to you is one that has to that point never been viewed by anyone.

But honestly, most of what you'll see there quite frankly deserves to stay in the unwatched bin. Much of it is local ads and abortive clips of someone playing a videogame. A better bet, one virtually guaranteed to be seen in any article mentioning PetitTube and we're not going to be any different here, might be an equivalent site covering Spotify named Forgotify, and here the selection is far better.

Given Spotify's audience, it'll be a lot of older tracks found on here. Case in point, the first track I got was a portion of a Danish opera.

The next four tracks after that:

Not my favorite track in the world.

...errrrr, okay.

Seriously? Handel? Zero listens? You're kidding, right?

That's Volare, Billboard's #1 single for 1958 and inaugural Grammy winner for Song of the Year in 1959, when the organizers were trying to strike a blow against that devil music from Elvis Presley, the runaway top seller of that year.

So you very well may run up against someone or something you actually recognize, and scratch your head as to how it hasn't been listened to yet. Start fixing that, will you?

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