Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dammit, People

So I warned you about not falling for April Fool's gags, right? Be extra super careful before believing a story written on April Fool's Day?

Meet Mireya Mayor, a primatologist doing work for Nat Geo Wild (and former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins). Here's Mireya discussing her autobiography, Pink Boots and a Machete.

For April Fool's Day, Mayor lended her image to ZOZI, a website selling trips and travel gear. What went up was an offer for gorilla-riding tours of "Downtown" (the pictures depicted New York), led by her. Ha ha, very funny.

Later that day, the following post went up on Mireya's Facebook wall:

This is an actual letter I received from someone regarding my OBVIOUSLY AN APRIL FOOL's JOKE regarding piggyback riding on a gorilla around NYC.

"I have raised gorillas, chimps and orangs and I'm totally appalled at what I saw in the ZOZI travel newsletter...are you kidding me? Do you really use actual gorillas for touring? What a complete betrayal of what you're supposed to be about. Shame on you."
It wouldn't be April Fool's Day without a fool, would it?

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