Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In Which Silly Things Get More Hits

Given that everyone on the Internet, at least the ones that follow American politics, is in utter shock over the fact that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) has been defeated in his primary by David Brat, thereby becoming the first person in that position ever to be defeated for re-election, much less in a primary (the position, while informal for a decade or two prior, was formally created in 1899, so anyone saying 'first ever' and 'first since 1899' is essentially saying the same thing)... it's been a topsy-turvy night for those of us suddenly taking an interest in Craigslist.

But this is going to be getting absolute holy-shit WTF saturation coverage all over the place in the coming days at bare minimum. So as per our mandate, let's go find something else.

Here's a blog run by a British maphead named Kenneth Field. He does some really rather intriguing work over at his site, Cartonerd. However, in the eternal plight of most online creators, he's getting a wave of attention for one of his sillier works, just recently posted. Namely, where the Proclaimers might end up if, per the song, they walked 500 miles, and then walked 500 more, given that they live on the British Isles, which are, well, isles. He then followed it up with a look into, as the U2 song goes, where the streets in fact have no name, at least in the continental United States. (I feel you, Kenneth. Look over at my most-read list to the right and you'll see 'Government Cheese' up top.)

So in deference to Kenneth, let me go find a couple of his other posts that catch my eye:

*Kenneth on the uselessness of those world maps that show Twitter activity over the course of a day or so.
*Kenneth calling out a particularly horrible map showing fan support for an NBA playoff series between the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers... both of whom wear red. (Kenneth is not a basketball fan.)
*Kenneth on the double-edged sword of a map having tons of data: sometimes the map has so much data that it gets in the way of itself.
*Kenneth on going too far with making subway maps of everything... in this case, the periodic table.

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