Friday, June 27, 2014

TED Talk, Rapid-Fire Book Club Edition

It seems that one of my book club regulars, A.J. Jacobs, is at it again. I'm sure I'll be finding this in his next book, and I'm sure I'll be grabbing it the instant I see it, which for A.J. is not exactly unusual. He showed up at TED to talk about The Year Of Living Biblically, and he showed up again to discuss his experiences regarding Drop Dead Healthy.

Well, A.J.'s back for a third go-around on stage, focusing on family trees. Very big family trees. Family trees that go back so many generations that they eventually encompass everyone on Earth (and you stopped after how many generations on I'll let him explain, as he did in March in Whistler, British Columbia.

He also wishes to invite you to New York next summer.

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