Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Cauldron Lighting Repository

The Olympics start in a week, so this would be a decent time to relay something I whipped up on the Penny Arcade boards: the Cauldron Lighting Repository.

This is a clearinghouse of every single Olympic cauldron lighting since Los Angeles 1932, which covers everything but Amsterdam 1928 (the first Olympics to have one, though you're not missing much; it was just some guy in the back from the electric company hitting a button or flipping a switch or whatever. Same thing LA did.) In addition, five non-Olympic lightings have been supplied. And they are quite good. In Do you remember how amazed you were with the Beijing Olympic lighting? You didn't see the one that happened in the Paralympics shortly thereafter. In fact, the ring-around-the-Bird's-Nest only came in fourth on my list of favorites.

Written in Olympic-style shorthand, my medalists:

GOLD MEDAL: 2008 Paralympics, Beijing
SILVER MEDAL: 1992 Olympics, Barcelona
BRONZE MEDAL: 2006 Asian Games, Doha

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