Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympics: Day 5- Timeout

Well, Day 5 of the Games now- oh, yes, we're probably going to be tying everything into the Olympics clear on through to the Closing Ceremony, so settle in- but let's change pace a bit and not talk about the Games directly. Instead, let's focus on the world-coming-together thing.

So let's have an event of our own. This is a link to a quiz asking you to name the capitals of all the countries of the world, which by this quizzes' count sits at 195. Your task is to rattle off as many capitals as possible. Don't go Googling or anything; that's cheating.

You have 20 minutes in which to do this. Post your score in the comments.
I managed 146; I will not disclose entirely which I missed except to say that I count 1 that I knew but didn't spell correctly, 13 that I should have gotten, and a smattering of others, maybe 5-6, that I might have gotten on a good day. But ifs and buts and should haves aside, 146 is what I actually got in the alloted time.

And one little stat, without giving away answers: the easiest one, statistically, that I missed is that of San Marino, followed by South Africa and Serbia. The toughest one I managed to get is that of the Marshall Islands, followed by Tonga and Niger.

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