Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Thought Experiment

Might do one of these every so often. I'm not going to supply you with an answer. That's your job. My job here is to simply drive the train of thought. You decide where that train leads.

For all but the last question, I'm going to ask you to name the three countries you believe best fit a given description, excluding your own. A single country might skew things; a set of three balances the lineup better. Keep track of all your lists; you'll need them.

QUESTION 1: Of all the countries on Earth, name the three you believe are the most oriented towards green policy.
QUESTION 2: Now, name the three countries you consider to be the most liberal. If you wish to repeat countries, you may do so.
QUESTION 3: Now, name the three most libertarian.
QUESTION 4: The three most conservative.
QUESTION 5: And finally, the three most authoritarian.

Got all five lists? Okay. Now look them over, and then consider the final question:

QUESTION 6: You are offered honorary citizenship to any one of your lists of countries, in addition to the country in which you already live. Which list of countries do you choose, and why?

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