Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile Earthquake

In case you're not aware by now, an 8.8 earthquake hit off the coast of Chile. How big is 8.8?

Really really big. The seventh strongest on Earth since humans started measuring earthquakes. Orders of magnitude worse than a 7.0, which is what Haiti got. Fortunately, Chile is not Haiti; they know how to earthquake-proof. But there aren't many earthquake-proofed buildings that are rated to withstand 8.8's. That earthquake is bringing the building down anyway. Or in Rocky-speak:

Haiti was Rocky Balboa over Spider Rico.
Chile is Ivan Drago over Apollo Creed.

There is reportedly no communication to the areas closest to the epicenter. It's bad when you see damage. It's worse when you see chaos. It's worst when you see nothing.

Hawaii, you have a few hours to get to higher ground because you've got to worry about a tsunami, though why are you even here looking at this when the sirens have already gone off. Rest of the Pacific, it's either on you or it's going to be.

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