Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Obligatory 'Hi I'm A New Blog' Post

Oh boy, when was the last time I attempted a blog? Years ago, has to be.

So let's start with the basics. I live in Watertown, Wisconsin; that's about halfway between Madison and Milwaukee. I work at Walmart, though I'm attempting to get into either politics or journalism, whichever takes me first.

Let's run through some of the things done in an attempt to accomplish this:

*A journalism class in college. Would have been a major, but journalism wasn't offered as a major. You take what you can get.
*A student help job in college as a research assistant.
*A journalism manuscript. (It sucked, and eventually Drew Curtis wrote the book I was trying to write. I admitted defeat.)
*A political manuscript, for political rules of thumb. Think a cross between the Devil's Dictionary and Murphy's Law. (This one turned out much better, but 27 agents and not even a request for a partial. Still trying to get it out, but it's kind of on hiatus for now.)
*A soccer manuscript, in which I attempt to go through as many club soccer teams as possible and attempt to find what makes each of them unique, so someone looking to adopt a team knows what to expect. (Nothing to do with either politics or journalism, but it's writing, it keeps my form up, and it's actually pretty interesting.)
*A project in which I went through everyone who has ever served as President, Senator, House Representative, Vice President, Supreme Court justice, Cabinet member, White House Chief of Staff or UN Representative- every single person who ever served at least one day in any of those positions- and made a full-sized all-star team. (Because I could, that's why.) It's undergone a revisit or two, probably will get another before too long.
*Badgering any elected official or candidate for elective office that gets too close.
*A number of news articles, none of which have panned out so far.

And now this. I could make some grand statement about what kind of thing will be posted here, but in reality, it's the kind of thing that will probably evolve on its own over time. All I can promise is that I'll try to keep the personal life to Facebook and Twitter.

If you need to get a hold of me elsewhere on the Internet, look me up under:
Facebook: Aaron Allermann, ID number 1320583627
Twitter: @aallermann
Fark: Gosling
Penny Arcade: Gosling
E-mail: mtvcdm at yahoo dot com (an attempt to ward off the spam, which is really just closing the barn door after the horse has left at this point)
Wii: 0143 6184 8550 7494 (Wait, why are you resorting to my Wii?)

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