Saturday, May 19, 2012

Internal Programming Note

Lately, in an effort to concentrate on the book, I've had to do shorter pieces here, as I've noted. In addition, I've had to be able to get them posted more quickly, as every minute I'm blogging is a minute I'm not spending working on the book.

However, in doing so, what's been put out here has not been me at my best. It's been me trying to keep the blog active, really for the sake of keeping it active. I haven't wanted a situation where the blog appears to have been abandoned. And as more and more of my time has been allocated towards the book than towards here, there's been a dip in quality. If you've noticed, know that I've come to notice it as well lately. I apologize for that. And I need to take some sort of corrective action; if I'm trying to get into journalism as a career, material like what I've been putting out recently isn't helping.

The original plan has been that I would have the book draft done by the end of the 25th, this coming Friday, and that the 23rd-25th would be spent totally on research and completion of the draft. I'm going to amend that plan. I need to get my efforts focused on one project or the other, and as one has a time limit and the other does not, for the next week it should really be the book. So instead of a three-day hiatus, it's going to be a seven-day hiatus. Just take the week, make the final push on the book, and make it the best damn book I can possibly make out of it. Then when I come back, I'll be able to get back to business here and my normal, usually higher standards.

See you in a week.

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