Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Underage Gymnasts To Work As Greeters

One name you might remember from the Beijing Olympics is Ai Weiwei. He's the guy who designed the main stadium, the Bird's Nest, then distanced himself from the Olympics because of China's human-rights abuses, then got an impromptu bonus lesson on China's human rights abuses firsthand.

I'd just like to take a second to let you know that he's reacquainted himself with Olympic host cities, because British surveillance cameras are a fair sight better than the Great Firewall of China. He has designed a pavilion at London's Serpentine Gallery, alongside two Swiss architects whom he worked with when designing the Bird's Nest, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron.

He had to work with them via Skype, because he's still stuck in Beijing under charges of... hang on, what did they charge him with again to punish him for not listening when China told him to stop telling the foreign media about the human-rights abuses? ...ah yes. "Tax evasion".

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