Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rapid-Fire Book Club: We're Back (A Dinosaur's Story) Edition

Show of hands: who actually watched that movie? Anyone other than me remember that that movie even existed?

Anyway, the book draft is done, with a final word count of 300,861 words. That's kind of a lot. That's six of those NaNoWriMo projects laid end-to-end, with the added burden of actually trying to write something good as opposed to just writing anything at all. Ultimately, 1,076 clubs made it into the draft, encompassing 219 national entities. The last club in was Albion Rovers of Scotland, notable for being the first club to employ Jock Stein, regarded as the greatest manager in Scottish history. Congratulations, Wee Rovers, you are Mr. Irrelevant.

There will, of course, be an editing job yet once I find out what needs editing. (I have my suspicions- in a piece of writing of that size, there's always going to be something that needs work- but luckily the nature of this particular piece of writing makes them pretty easy to do upkeep without tearing half the book apart.) And of course there's the tiny issue of trying to get the thing published. But the most major bit of writing is behind me, leaving me free to come back to the blog.

During that stretch run, I attended Wednesday's MLS contest between the Chicago Fire and FC Dallas (Chicago won 2-1). If you've never been to a soccer game, suffice to say that a soccer crowd of 11,947 can easily drown out a baseball crowd three times that size. Easily. On the way to the game, I stopped in at Powell's Bookstore on the campus of Illinois-Chicago, and grabbed two books for a total of ten bucks:

*Aaronovitch, David- Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History
*Harmon, Larry- The Man Behind The Nose: Assassins, Astronauts, Cannibals and Other Stupendous Tales (you know Larry Harmon better as Bozo The Clown)

Good to be back here.

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