Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Name The Country

In suspending a foreign company's licenses for several coal-mining projects, one country's chief financial official was quoted as saying, "People demand the government does everything possible not to let one country dominate (the economic balance)." This country is particularly keen on limiting Chinese investment, fearful of how much China might end up influencing the country if they got too much economic control over investment in the country; the worry here is that China will bring far lower prices for the coal than they could get elsewhere.

The country has been at odds with China before and knows acutely how far China will go to press the issue should things come to blows. However, that does not prevent the legislature and the voters from wanting to take measures to stand up to the much more powerful Chinese, even if some of those voters are mining for and selling gold to China on the black market.

What country am I talking about?

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