Wednesday, March 7, 2012

30 North Koreans, 1 Ugandan

I was going to be doing something else today, but then I got hit with two different things from a gazillion different angles all at once, both far more urgent than what I was going to go on ranting about.

Now, we've already covered the Lord's Resistance Army here back in October. (With bonus Rush-Limbaugh-being-stupid chaser, as if you didn't have enough of that lately. I know I haven't.) We've already run 48 minutes of things that will make you question what Lord would allow such things.

What seems to be going viral, though- Taylor Swift joining in on her Twitter feed certainly helps matters, seeing as she has 11.5 million followers- is a profile of the leader of the LRA, Joseph Kony. The half-hour video is called 'KONY 2012', and so as to do my bit, I link to the video here.

The other video comes via Lisa and Laura Ling, viewable here. What Lisa and Laura wish to bring to your attention is the plight of 30 North Korean defectors who have been caught by China and face repatriation to North Korea. Being caught and repatriated generally means death for not only you, but your family as well. These 30 are in particular risk, as they're the first to be caught since Kim Jong Un took over.

Lisa and Laura are asking people to place whatever pressure on China that they can, in an attempt to essentially embarrass China into letting the 30 defectors go- and given that China could send them back at any moment, you need to be quick about lending a hand. There is of course a petition, along with a hashtag, #savemyfriend. Do with them what you will, and if you have more to add to the effort, by all means feel free.

In both cases, with Kony and the defectors, the objective is to get the word spread far and wide and quick like bunny. Go. Move.

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