Friday, March 23, 2012

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

Last night on Fark, one of my submitted links got greenlit. Normally, not a huge deal. It's my 196th. The link in question concerns Richard Hanna, a House Republican from New York, calling on women to give their campaign donations to Democrats this election cycle because of the words and actions taken against women by Hanna's own party.

What happened in the thread turned out to be just as interesting as the subject of the link itself: several Farkers started unearthing old print ads with an underlying theme: rampant sexism. And that got me poking around to see if there were any larger collections of such ads.

Turns out there are. It appears as if the most ads in the fewest links can be accessed with links to here, here, here, here and here. And the Fark thread, actually, which has come up with a couple ads not found in any of those five places.

We're still running sexist ads today, to be sure. But at least we're far enough along that we're no longer able to run ads asking "Is it always illegal to kill a woman?" or consoling her by saying "At least you didn't burn the beer!"

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