Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random News Generator- Mauritius

Mauritius is one of those islands off the southeast coast of Africa. Unless you're British and have been watching MasterChef this season, the bulk of what's in the news there is economic in nature- the yield on T-bills, the possibility of Moody's raising their credit rating, exports being down 4%, that kind of thing.

Geez... let's see... let's see... news out of Mauritius... well, IBM's opening a branch office in Port Louis. That's a thing, right? about them signing a joint agreement with Seychelles to share jurisdiction over 396,000 square kilometers worth of Indian Ocean? It's the first time two island nations signed a jurisdiction agreement without needing to bring in someone from outside! Yay, I'm pretty sure!

God, I hate when I draw one of these nations. It's like hauling out the Bat-Signal for a cat stuck in a tree.

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