Friday, March 16, 2012

You Still Have To Pay $2,000 For Rent

If you've ever been planning on visiting the boardwalk on Coney Island and haven't, you might want to do so now. Because if the current renovation plan approved on Monday by the NYC Design commission goes through- that's an if, the recommendations are nonbinding- it's not going to be a boardwalk anymore, but rather a big concrete and plastic walkway due to them not being able to find a sustainable enough source of wood. A pilot program is planned for one part of the boardwalk; if it's implemented and deemed successful, it will be expanded to the rest of the boardwalk save for four blocks next to the amusement park.

At least you still have your hot dog eating contest that's gone from a fun little 4th of July tradition to a disturbing exhibition of extreme gluttony, right?

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