Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Very Unnecessary Surgery

The ongoing major conflict in Egypt right now is, of course, the ongoing political instability stemming from the military's continued control of the country. A soccer riot coming from a match between Al-Masry and Al-Ahly on February 1st fed into larger general protests; the rest of the season has been cancelled. In its place, a friendly tournament will take place; Al-Masry will not participate. A 40-day mourning period marking the deaths of 74 people in the riot has just concluded. A presidential election has been called for May; however, fears have arisen that the military will play a heavy hand in determining the winner.

The military is not, however, the only group Egyptians need to worry about. There are also Bedouin gangs who are out for not only people's money, but their organs as well.

Fouad Hady of SBS in Australia (and found via Journeyman Pictures) explains. (Heads-up; there's going to be some graphic content.)

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