Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Next SOPA Clone Down The Pike

Yep, we've got another one to shoot down.

The next one is called ACTA, or the 'Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement', and the name belies the fact that this one is international instead of purely American in scope.

And if this one doesn't go through, some Internet service providers are prepared to just go over the heads of the legislature and perform the intended actions themselves. According to the CNN link, a proposed format being tossed around is called the Copyright Alert System, also known as the 'six strikes' system: on suspicion of copyright violation, your service provider would give you a warning. (Not necessarily an actual violation, just something that looks suspicious.) On the sixth red flag raised, your ISP would dramatically throttle down your Internet speed and redirect you to a page telling you to contact the ISP.

So that's your outrage alert for the day.

I've got a dentist appointment tomorrow to handle a chipped tooth, I'm going to schedule an off day because I don't know how long that'll take or what mindset I'll be in afterwards.

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