Monday, March 19, 2012

Pop Quiz

It's going to be a rainy, icky day. Perfect to get some book work in.

But seeing as you need something to do while I'm off driving myself crazy telling one Albanian club named Flamurtari from another, let's make it a four-round quiz day.

ROUND 1: You've got a list of 22 North American cities, with three of their professional sports personas categorized. For example, if Wisconsin were to be included, you might see 'Deer, Factory Workers, Alcohol Industry Workers' and you would have to get 'Bucks, Packers, Brewers' out of that. You have six minutes to name the cities. (My score: aced it with 34 seconds left on the clock.)

ROUND 2: Name all the Price Is Right pricing games. Retired games included. (At least, all the ones before Rat Race and Pay The Rent came along.) You've got 15 minutes here. (My score: 57 out of 103.)

ROUND 3: For each state in the United States, you are given one former Senator. Name their home states. You have 8 minutes. (My score: 36 out of 50.)

ROUND 4: Name the 50 most common languages by native speakers. You have six minutes; if you come up with a language that didn't quite crack the list, you'll be credited for it but it won't officially count. (My score: 22 out of the 50, with seven also-rans. Most of the ones I missed, I'd never have gotten in a million years.)

Have fun. I got a book to work on.

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