Friday, May 30, 2014

But You Don't Have To Take MY Word For It

I'm clearly too late as far as the matter of 'whether it will be funded or not'. But if you are my age, you remember Reading Rainbow, and clearly a lot of you do. After Reading Rainbow went off the air, we lost basically the only good show purely about books that we even had on television. (Because come on. Nobody watches Booknotes on CSPAN, right?)

So anyway, as anyone who would be caught dead at this blog already knows, LeVar Burton has launched a Kickstarter to bring it back and get it into classrooms. And on a million-dollar ask, within the first few days he's already got $2.5 million (as of this writing), with 33 days still on the clock. It took only 11 hours to hit the target.

Call me greedy, but while I am ecstatic and happy over this... it still is only one good book show, aimed at getting kids to love reading. I want more. What I'd like, once we have Reading Rainbow back, is a good book show for adults. Let's face it, adults aren't reading Thomas The Tank Engine unless they're reading it to kids. I'd like a show tackling the stuff that gets on the bestseller lists, on the talk shows, in the People and Entertainment Weekly writeups, that kind of thing. I want it to be something people would actually watch. We don't have that and I want it.

But Reading Rainbow first, of course.

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