Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Videos I Don't Dare Watch Myself

I am not much of an anime person. My lifetime experience with anime series, far as I can recall offhand, consists of the following:

*Watched Pokemon as a kid. Bowed out about the time Ash left Charizard.
*Random bits of Sailor Moon that were on when I got home from school or was sick out from school.
*Dragonball Z bits and pieces I to this day can't piece together if my life depended on it. I think there was a Spirit Bomb at the end.
*Go Speed Racer, go Speed Racer, go Speed Racer goooooooo!
*One or two episodes of FLCL that ended in me twitching on the ground while a stop-motion scooter drove through random Japanese streets.
*An attempt at One Piece that ended about the time Luffy met the choppy clown guy.
*Something called Digimon in which things were done involving Pokemon ripoff things.
*I remember some vague offhand viewings of Yu-Gi-Oh. Never paid much attention and most of what I saw was little more than 'ha ha! I play THIS card that does THIS long-winded thing and now your immortal soul belongs to me because I won a fucking card game! OH NO! DON'T PLAY THAT CARD! THE ONE CARD THAT DEFEATS ME! NOOOOOOOO'
*An episode of Beyblade. Ran away screaming after that one episode.
*...I seem to recall one completed episode of Cowboy Bebop. Maybe. There were several partial episodes, but I think just one full one.

That's about it. By anime standards, that is not much at all. That said, it appears that I'm going to try again with a thingie from about a decade ago called Read Or Die I just found. From what I gather so far, it appears to involve an extreme bookworm- and by extreme, I am talking 'house filled with books stacked up across just about every square inch of floor and asks for advances on her paycheck because she found another couple gazillion she wants right now'- who also happens to be able to control paper to the point where she can stop a bullet with a postcard. And then Japan things happen. So I'm going to give that a shot.

For you? You do not get Read Or Die. No, no. You get Mental Floss' recap of the Star Wars Holiday Special. They have a full video and everything. Because someone chose to record that for posterity. Or record it on film. Or record it as a screenplay.

Oh, come on, you'd much rather watch that than my anime thing. Life Day! Star Wars! There's a Boba Fett cartoon! You kids like Boba Fett, right? You'd much rather watch that than a dogfight over New York City between a German steampunk thing and a gigantic paper airplane, right? Right?

...oh, fine, here you go. Revel in my newfound madness.

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