Friday, May 2, 2014

I Have Seen The Earth Change

I'd like to point you tonight to a series called I Have Seen The Earth Change. The series revolves around global climate change. Since there are people out there who don't know what's going on outside their front door ('hey, it's snowing today! So much for global warming, huh?'), each episode puts you in the shoes of a different country, showing the impact on that particular country.

The video I'll highlight, I pretty much just picked at random, which here means I opted for Mongolia. But if you'd like to look for another country, there's also Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Namibia, Nepal, Norway and Oman to pick from. This is the set of Season 2, aired in 2010. Season 1, from 2008, covered, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Egypt, Japan, Mali, the Netherlands, Spain, the United States and Vietnam, and links to files with them are here if you have whatever the hell contraptions it's asking you to have in order to download them because damned if I can hunt them down on YouTube.

So, Mongolia. Have fun. 

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