Sunday, May 4, 2014

The History Of War, Somewhat, Sort Of, If You're European

Now before you get too excited about the video I'm going to show you, let's lay down some ground rules.

The video I've got for you is a timelapse map of significant battles in world history up to 2008. That is the aim. You'll see an explosion on the map in the location the battle took place, with the size of the denotation being determined by the number of casualties in that battle. The more casualties, the bigger the boom.

Now, the ground rules for this video. The map is not exhaustive. It used the English version of Wikipedia to get its list, which means the battles marked off are going to be those notable to people who speak English, meaning that, while Europe has been quite stabby over the years, it's overrepresented, and the likes of China are rather underrepresented. In addition, some cultures didn't keep much in the way of records over that period of time, particularly in Africa and South America. So all the various comparatively small tribal wars around the globe, wars that likely would have been marked had they happened in Europe, went unrepresented.

The creator of the video teased that in a future version of the video, he'd go around to those foreign-language Wikipedias and collect the strays, but that was in 2008 and he hasn't done anything with it since. So, we get what we get. That limitation aside, it's still pretty fun. Enjoy.

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