Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Big Bay Bust

Here in Wisconsin, due to the high temperatures and lack of rain, a ban was placed on commercial fireworks in parts of the state. In addition, some local fireworks displays were cancelled. You never know where that firework shrapnel is going to come down or if it's going to start a fire somewhere.

If your community saw its display cancelled, it's okay. We'll have one here today. In the process, we'll also answer a question that may have crossed your mind at some point: fireworks displays are stretched out to 20, 30 minutes or something like that; it depends on the city. What would happen if you set all those fireworks off at once? You get a bit of an idea at the end of a display, when they speed up the pace and set off whatever they have left right in top of each other. But what would happen at its logical conclusion: the entire display, lit off at the same time? What would it look like?

Thanks to a technical glitch in San Diego, we now have the answer. I present to you the 2012 Big Bay Boom. The entire thing. And an instant replay.

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