Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random News Generator- Wales

Because we don't field a Team Great Britain either.

The top story on Wales' Google News listing is a rise in their unemployment figures by 2,000 people to create a 17-year high of 133,000, and an unemployment rate of 9%. (The unemployment rate is figured out the same way as the United States; there's a standardized definition created by the International Labor Organization. To find that standardized number in the United States, look for "U3 unemployment", which is here.)

Beyond that, we have the impending opening of the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, where the show is largely filmed, after moving from an exhibition in London. It's set to open on Friday. These have popped up on occasion over the years, as can happen with a show running this long, the exhibits changing to reflect the show's status at the time. The prices are described in the article as "ex-tor-tion-ate" (38 pounds for a family of four), but hey. Doctor Who.

Brits certainly seem more interested in that than Olympic soccer. Seriously, of all the countries to see gigantic amounts of soccer tickets go unsold, the United Kingdom? The birthplace of the sport? Really? And then they complain when England crashes and burns in the quarterfinals of Euro and the World Cup and the others don't even qualify?

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