Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Olympics Coverage

We will, as we did in Vancouver, be switching to exclusively Olympics-related postings here for the duration of the Games. Normal service will resume when the cauldron has been extinguished.

In the process, you may want to lend a hand on Twitter. For London, I'll be giving myself the task of tracking NBC's much-maligned coverage of the Olympics. (Their handle is @NBCOlympics.) My handle is @aallermann. Every time I catch them screwing up the coverage- and I've already caught them twice, even though the Olympics are less than five hours old- I will use the hashtag #nbcfail to record what went wrong. If you catch them doing something wrong in their coverage, I would ask you use the same hashtag. Teaming up, hopefully we can all embarrass NBC into providing halfway decent coverage. They have a national monopoly on it; make sure they don't abuse it.

And if they really get bad, there's always going to and hunting down some other country's coverage.

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