Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ground Boro Mosque Update

Back in 2010, you may remember the issue of the 'Ground Zero Mosque', a Muslim community center in Manhattan- not in fact a mosque- the intended opening of which was bitterly contested on the grounds that it was too close to Ground Zero. That's what spawned this article. In any case, that community center was ultimately built and opened last September. Its official name is Park51.

The 'too close to Ground Zero' argument carried at least some weight, being two blocks away... but then got contradicted when some actual mosques nowhere near New York were also vehemently protested in the same timeframe, most notably a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

I bring this up because, even though the mosque has since been built, it is only now that a federal judge has removed a block imposed by a Rutherford County judge that was preventing the congregation from actually entering the mosque. Until now, they've been meeting in the parking lot.

It won't be ready in time for Ramadan, though (Ramadan starts at sundown tonight). There are still final inspections and maybe some touch-ups to do; that will run about two weeks. Meaning it will hopefully at least be good to go for the close of Ramadan on August 18.

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