Thursday, July 12, 2012

In Which We Engage In Rapid Frantic Typing Of Country Names

Interesting name-X-in-Y-minutes quiz I came across today. This is from 2010, so the statistics may be slightly out of date. But knowing that, what is supplied is a sampling of 20 categories in the theme of 'most likely to'. You're tasked with naming the five highest-ranking countries in each of those categories. And it is a diverse set, with no one set of nations a key to knocking large chunks of the quiz out in one go, as sometimes happens. Although most of the categories do take a negative tone, such as 'most likely to be obese' or 'most likely to die in childbirth'.

Remembering that it's as of 2010, you have eight minutes.

As for quizzes where many of the answers can be knocked out in one go (the challenge there is more in not missing any of the major answers and mopping up as many of the minor ones as possible), here's one asking for the top three origins of foreign-born residents of each of the 50 states and DC. Due to the fact that some countries end up in a whole bunch of top threes, you're only getting two minutes.

Or to go the other way, in a straight-up single-list quiz, here's one for the 30 countries that sent the fewest visitors to the United States in 2009, specifically as tourists or business travelers. You'll have seven minutes to dig deep.

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