Monday, July 16, 2012

Rapid-Fire Book Club, Summer Reading List Edition

It's been a while since my last book run, so today I went and fixed that in Madison. Barnes & Noble, Browzers Bookstore and Paul's Books all contributed to the haul. I was hoping to find a soccer book that might help in adding to the research pool for book editing. I didn't find one- the selection was even thinner than usual- though I did find plenty of reading material.

Today's offerings, quickly, before my Charter service goes out again:

Bathroom Readers' Institute- Uncle John's Bathroom Reader: Nature Calls
Leon-Portilla, Miguel- The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico
Pizzo, Stephen; Fricker, Mary; Muolo, Paul- Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings & Loans
Ravikant; Tarun K. Saint- Translating Partition
Schieffelin, Edward L.; Crittenden, Robert- Like People You See In A Dream: First Contact in Six Papuan Societies

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