Friday, July 13, 2012

Where's My Foodaracacycle?

Along with the flying cars and jetpacks we were promised, the future was supposed to have food pills as well. This didn't go over quite as well, because it turns out people prefer their food to look like food. Eating a pizza and eating a pizza pill are not anything resembling the same thing and I don't know anyone that would, with a straight face, say they prefer the pizza pill.

A company in Japan called Kracie doesn't look to have gotten that memo. They've released a line of 'DIY' food products for kids, which are powdered versions of things like donuts, bento, sushi and pizza/spaghetti. Now, most of these are really little more than candy, and you can see that here in America on occasion with gummi hamburgers and gummi pizza and whatever else.

But then there's the Happy Kitchen Hamburger and Fries. This is actual powdered hamburger- contains pork products and everything- and powdered french fries. And powdered soda.

By all accounts, it tastes like ass.

What follows is a link to a video of the whole meal being put together. The makers of the video have made a request to not embed it; while it's possible to do so anyway, I'll abide by that request and merely post a link instead.

For an embedded video, we'll just have to use the video for Happy Kitchen powdered ramen and gyoza candy. Which seems more expensive, more sad, about as labor-intensive, and results in less food than, I don't know, buying actual ramen.

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