Monday, August 5, 2013

A Short Paparazzi Anecdote

On FX, there was a program called 'Dirt'. It starred Courteney Cox as the editor of a tabloid magazine and lasted two seasons, from 2007-08, and was cut short by the writer's strike. Being FX, the tabloid in the show was pretty much what everyone imagines a tabloid to be: full of ruthless, unscrupulous madmen with zero concept of celebrity privacy. They were the protagonists.

In researching the role of her character, Cox traveled to the London offices of The Sun (if you didn't know that paper's reputation already, that should give you an idea). It was a rather educational visit, not to mention unnerving.

At one point, an editor asked Cox if she wanted to see what she'd been doing during her past few weeks in Europe. She was then shown pictures of her vacationing in Sardinia, pictures of her leaving her London hotel an hour prior, pictures of her arriving at The Sun, "even a shot of me opening the door to The Sun five minutes earlier."

Maybe not the wisest thing to show someone who will be portraying your industry in a TV show.

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