Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Art Patronization 101

Okay, folks. Listen up. When you go to an art museum, you may note velvet ropes. Or regular ropes. Or something made to act as a rope. Or a glass case containing the art. Or at the very least a bunch of Do Not Touch signs all over the place. You see them all, right? Awesome. You see, art can be very, very fragile, and if you touch it with your stupid monkey paws, you might break the art, and then people will be very angry with you because it's not like museum art is all that replaceable.

Now I want you to listen very carefully.

When it says do not touch... DO NOT TOUCH. Lest you become the subject of a headline such as 'American Tourist Knocks Finger Off 14th Century Statue'.

(While we're here, Art Patronization 102: artists prefer to get money for their art before they die. The price might go up after they die, but they'd prefer the money now so that they may continue to create art. This is why Kickstarter works. Kickstarters like, oh let's see, this little campaign right here, run by Strip Search contestant Amy T. Falcone.)

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