Friday, August 16, 2013


You know what we haven't done here in a while? A science experiment. I don't recommend doing this at home, though, or at least not without parental supervision and I'm guessing they're going to say no, because the experiment is how to make an egg explode. Maybe ask your science teacher about it and see if they'll let you do it at school. (If you ARE a science teacher, well, lucky you, because here are some worksheets to hand out afterwards.)

Dammit, HowToBasic.

Okay, let's do this for real now. You're going to need an egg, of course, but also a beaker, a match, some zinc (and who doesn't have zinc laying around?), and some hydrochloric acid. And, of course, some sort of facial covering and gloves. You'll first need to empty the egg out by poking holes in both ends with a pin and then doing whatever you have to do to get all the liquid out. A common method for doing this is blowing the egg. That means putting your mouth to one of the holes and literally blowing to force out the liquid. Little bit on the icky side, that.

Now. With the acid in the beaker, drop in the zinc, and it will give you hydrogen gas (as explained here in method 3). Place the egg on top of the beaker and allow it to fill with gas. After a suitable interval, remove the egg and put a lit match to it. Wait for boom.

Steve Spangler demonstrates.

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