Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Developing Situation In Egypt

It is far beyond my resources as a lone blogger on an entirely different continent to try and keep up with rapidly-evolving events of major importance, which is why my policy here is not to try and to instead just give the basics and then direct you to someone who can carry you the rest of the way. That's what's going to be happening here.

There have been sit-ins in encampments in Cairo supporting ousted president Mohamed Morsi. The military has today moved in to forcibly break up those encampments, sparking violence not only in Cairo but elsewhere in Egypt as well. At this posting, the death toll appears to be 149, but don't get married to that number as it's going to go up; it has been all day. Among the dead is Sky News cameraman Mick Deane. Interim vice president Mohamed El Baradei has announced his resignation in protest of the violence.

A liveblog can be found at Time. I suggest you head there.

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