Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Correction (To Something Someone Else Messed Up)

Yes, folks, it's true. Neil Armstrong is dead. An American hero, in fact a world hero, has been laid to rest, as you may have heard across social media today.

There's just one thing, guys. He died last year. I don't suppose this is a 'rumor', because it did happen and all, and he is really dead, but it's a case of you not paying attention. I know that when someone's been out of the public eye for a long time and they're getting up there in years, it does start to get a bit hazy in people's minds as to whether they're still alive or not. And that's understandable. You can't keep track of everybody. I do ask, though, that:

A) After a certain level of notoriety, you maybe at least make an effort to note when the person has died, and
B) That you double-check a bit first. Of course, B would not have helped here for many, as the original culprit that started this all was a faulty app ABC was using. What happened was they wanted to mark the anniversary of Armstrong's death by tweeting a previously-written article from last year. In the process, though, they linked it to a more recent video, which altered the timestamp on the article. Now they had an article that made it look like Armstrong had just died.

I could get on ABC for not fixing that prior to posting, but it seems like the kind of error that you wouldn't even notice or be looking for. I'd most likely get caught out for the same thing; I'll own up to that. At least they know now, and hopefully something like that won't slip through the cracks again.

I can very much get on them, though, for the piece "Twerking: A Scientific Explanation". And "Hottest Pregnancy Trend? Twerking".

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