Thursday, August 1, 2013

Big Brother Is Still Filled With Terrible People

The day that I posted yesterday's compilation of Big Brother bigotry, a second clip popped up regarding additional comments made in the house. I would leave it alone, except that the clip focuses squarely on one particular contestant, Amanda Zuckerman. What's so special about her? What's special is that Amanda is being given a friendly edit by the Big Brother producers. The comments of fellow contestant Aaryn Gries have been well-documented, but Amanda's comments, while seen on the live feeds, have been not only whitewashed in broadcast, but things have been edited to make it look as if she is actually a voice of reason, attempting to make the comments stop.

For those of you only watching the CBS broadcast: here's your voice of reason. Once again, viewer discretion advised. Again. I hate myself for continuing to pay attention to this.

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