Sunday, August 11, 2013

Red Sky At Night, Taylor Delight

I am just home from the Taylor Swift concert at Soldier Field in Chicago.

How was it? Kinda like this. And this (yes, that's about how close I managed to get). And this. That ought to about sum it up. It was thoroughly entertaining and I absolutely want to do it again sometime, but it was completely and utterly disorienting due to the production Taylor put on, the screaming from the fans, the mass sing-along for every single song that at times threatened to actually drown out Taylor, the elaborately-produced signs in the crowd, the flashing lights on many of those signs, the color-changing glowsticks that were being sold at merchandise booths, the costumes people showed up in (one showed up as a Lego brick- a red brick, of course), all combining to form the most fun full-on assault on the senses I've ever been a part of.

On a side note, free confetti at the end.

The downside is that I am now totally wiped, sore all over, I managed to get myself a pretty good sunburn, and trying to make any sort of a large post today would be an exercise in madness. So I need something easy and quick. Luckily, I have it, because someone made a map of the world in which every country is referred to by its full name in that country's language of most common use. (So instead of 'United States', it would be 'United States Of America'.)

I'm gonna go sit down now. Hoo boy, what a show.

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